Twitchy Synapse


The synapses, they be twitchin'

What is this place?

Twitchy Synapse is a geeky website set up by Ilari Pihlajisto, a skinny, neurotic and sometimes unintentionally funny Finnish guy. His main purpose for this site was to develop his web programming and design skills, and to annoy people by talking about himself in third person. Okay, I just wanted to build my own blog without relying on proven and highly functional services like Blogger or Wordpress. I mean, why use something that's stable and has been tuned to perfection after years of development when you can work your ass off to create a mediocre imitation of it by yourself?

Twitchy Synapse, seriously?

The name was chosen because it was one of the few names that weren't already taken. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to come up with a name that no one else was drunk enough to think of before you. And synapses are cool because they're basically what makes the brain smart. And when they're a bit twitchy you get websites like this one.